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      1. 漢青論壇第300期:12月18日王之助理教授
        (漢青經濟與金融高級研究院發布于:2019-12-26 20:23:54)


        本期主題:The Institution of Merit: A Study of Chinese College




        We study factors behind the geographical distribution of admissions at elite universities in China. We empirically estimate a model of Chinese college admissions. We find that elite Chinese universities have remarkably similar preferences. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is little evidence that elite Chinese universities favor home-province applicants. Rather, they consistently prefer students from richer provinces even though college tuition fees in China are fixed by the government at a low and affordable level and have little impact on admissions. One possibility is that universities prefer students with higher ability and students from richer provinces have higher ability because such provinces spend more on pre-college education.


        報告人:王之 復旦大學經濟學院助理教授

        時間:12月18日(周三) 12:15


        誠邀各位老師參加。如果您有興趣,請于12月18日前回復郵件liu.zhe AT ruc.edu.cn或電話聯系,我們將為您預留座位。聯系人:劉喆  62510919。


        王之,現為復旦大學經濟學院助理教授。她的論文主要是城市經濟學領域的應用微觀研究,主要關注聚集經濟的微觀證據、城市土地開發模式的決定因素和福利影響、土地利用規制的執行和經濟影響、環境政策對企業產能空間分布的影響、教育資源空間分布的決定因素和經濟影響、地方工業土地開發模式的決定因素和經濟影響等問題。她碩士畢業于北京大學光華管理學院應用經濟系,并于布朗大學獲得經濟學博士。她的研究成果發表或即將發表于Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Urban Economics (4 篇), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Housing Economics等國外頂級學術期刊。

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