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      1. 漢青論壇第299期:12月16日 楊春柳助理教授
        (漢青經濟與金融高級研究院發布于:2019-12-26 20:23:57)

        漢青論壇第299期:12月16日 楊春柳助理教授

        本期主題:ETF Momentum



        We document economically large momentum profits when sorting ETFs on returns over the past two to four years. A value-weighted, long-short strategy based on ETF momentum delivers Carhart (1997) four-factor alphas of up to 1.20% per month. Neither cross-sectional stock momentum nor co-variation with macroeconomic and liquidity risks can explain ETF momentum. Instead, the post-holding period returns are most consonant with the behavioral story of delayed overreaction. While ETF momentum survives multiple adjustments for transaction costs, it may be difficult to arbitrage as the profits are volatile and concentrated in ETFs with high idiosyncratic volatility or that hold low-analyst-coverage stocks.


        報告人:楊春柳 復旦大學泛海國際金融學院金融學助理教授

        時間:12月16日(周一) 12:15


        誠邀各位老師參加。如果您有興趣,請于12月16日前回復郵件liu.zhe AT ruc.edu.cn或電話聯系,我們將為您預留座位。聯系人:劉喆  62510919。




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